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Call for EVS accredited NGOs and EVS volunteers in Romania

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  Project Name: “Cluj-Napoca 2015 Youth Capital”

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluj-Napoca, vimeo.com/31338484)

Project duration: 16 months

Number of volunteers: 14 EVS volunteers as following:

- 6 volunteers, aged between 18-28 years old for short term EVS (2 months, 1 August - 30 September 2014)
- 4 volunteers, aged between 18-28 years old for long term EVS (8 months, 1 October 2014 – 30 Mai 2015)
- 4 volunteers, aged between 18-28 years old for long term EVS (8 months, 1 April 2015 - 30 November 2015)  

About us: Support 4 Youth Development Association, from Cluj-Napoca is an NGO aiming to support youngsters from the local community in terms of gaining the access to alternative ways of education, information, resources and opportunities. Besides this S4YD initiates an alternative way of developing skills and abilities that will provide youngsters with a clearer path for professional and personal growth. Our association will be involved as a local partner in the management of the Youth Capital activities, so we want to offer through this project also the opportunity for youngsters to meet Cluj-Napoca and to implement educational activities for youngsters on local and regional level.   Proposal: We are sending you below a short description of the project, please let us know by the end of next week (28th of April) if you are interested in becoming one of our partners or a volunteer. As the time is short until the deadline and we will also need from the potential partners the PIC Number to get to us in time. For potential volunteers we kindly ask you to think about our proposal and to let us know if you are interested in being an EVS volunteer by contacting us. We intend to host at least 6 out of 14 EVS volunteers with fewer opportunities, so please take also this aspect into consideration when selecting participants. Now, for deadline (30th of April), we're searching with priority for the 6 people (between 17-30 years old) who want to take part in the 2 months short term EVS activity, between 1st of August – 30th of September).  


EVS activities The volunteers will be involved in various activities of the project, taking into consideration the achievement of the following objectives planned: A. Developing alternative educational activities for local community B. Informing youngsters from local community during the whole voluntary stage period in connection with different opportunities for their own development (youth exchanges, training, courses, seminars, conferences, cultural and social events, workshops, internships etc.) C. Developing practical life competences and abilities from 3 different areas of personal development such as: social skills, linguistic competences, organizational and technical abilities during the whole voluntary stage period.   Procedure The interested organizations or individual volunteers can apply following the next steps:

1. Interested volunteers have to send CV (Europass format) and motivational letter (strictly addressing to the interest in participating in this project and containing an idea of a project that he/she will develop during EVS) to youth_development@ymail.com Important: the volunteers which are interested in this project but don’t have a sending organization will be directed by us towards one from their country.

2. Sending organizations are asked to send by email (part3.s4yd@ymail.com) their PIC Number (including IE number) and motivation for being one of the partners of this project. 3. For the youngsters with fewer opportunities, please detail about your personal case (what type of fewer opportunities do you face)

Only the chosen volunteers and sending organizations will be contacted for the Mandate and Skype interview. Remember that the deadline to submit the application is 28th of April.