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Name of organisation A chance for the future of  our students Type of organisation Non-profit organisation

SHORT DESCRIPTION of organisation “A chance for the future of our students” is an independent , non-profit organisation with public benefit.The members of our organisation promotes and sustain the  young  people concerning the education and the development of their professional career in the entrepreneurial education, making sure the development of the quality of the educational act, the promovation of the active citizenship in Europe and the practicing the new technologies and the promovation of the culture and art. CALL Funding source  Erasmus+ KA1 General context Erasmus+ KA1

Deadline for submission of  application  30th April

Answers expected before:    Intent Letters

TITLE of the project  “ I am an European citizen- I am involved in!”

General objectives of the project  The promovation of the european active citizenship through the young people involvment  in common projects  concerning  of the idea of being apart in a community space.

Specific objectives of the project 1)To promote the active citizenship of the youth in general and to promote their european citizenship in special. 2)To develop the solidarity and the tolerance between youth especially to consolidate the social cohesion in UE. 3) To cultivate the reciprocal understanding between the youth from the community space. 4) To contribute to the development of the quality system in sustaining the youth activities and the capacities of the organisation of the civil society in the youth domain. 5) To promote the european cooperation in the youth domain. 6) To create the european network  to inform the youth from the countries that participate in the project.

Types of envisaged Actions 

-Developing collaboration between young people from the community space.

-Encouraging active participation of young people in society.

- Supporting disadvantaged young people to develop themselves and to gain necessary skills helping them to get employed.

- Developing intellectual and professional capacity of young people.

- Involving the youth into the entrepreunerial projects.

Proposed budget 50.000 Euros

Partners searched  Belgium, Italy,Serbia,Turkey

Contact data nicol.twins@gmail.com