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Bir sonraki başvuru tarihinde (4 Şubat) sunulacak olan "Gençlik işsizliğinin psikolojik etkileri ve engelleme yöntemleri" başlıklı gençlik değişim programı için tarafımıza ulaşan ortaklık çağrı metni aşağıdadır:

Greetings from OPAD (Sweden), 

We are searching partners for the youth exchange program “The impact and psychological effect of youth unemployment and the prevent methods” and we are interested to partner with your organization for the next deadline (4th of February).

This project examines the causes and the impact of youth unemployment, primarily concentrating on its psychological impact that causes depression. Young adulthood is a phase of life that normally involves the transition from education to workplace and from the family home to one’s own residence. A delay in the development process may cause institutional exclusion, civil alienation and at worst depression.

Thus, we will organize a summer camp that will take place in Stockholm, Sweden at the 12th – 18th of July which main objective is to bring together participants from different countries so that they will discuss the issues of the project, share their realities and raise awareness on the existence of such form of psychological disease as depression because of unemployment. As well as brainstorm and discuss about different mechanisms of how to minimize the causes of depression because of unemployment and propose solutions as far as it concerns the impact of depression, such as violence, frustration and at worst suicide commission.

The increased rate of depression, because of unemployment, illustrates the need for further updating on the subject, so that a comprehensive change can take place to move from ignorance towards understanding and being aware of such a problem as depression caused by unemployment-a matter of urgency if EU meets the challenges of unemployment in such a high rate.Above all to make a society that is able to overcome the current psychological problem because is aware of its form, cause, effect, consequence and impact, be it in the form of barbed wire.

Specific project activities will follow formal and informal methodology and will include seminars on the subject of depression awareness, thematic movie projections, learning events, outdoor activities, building partnerships and linkages.

This project is expected to have a positive impact on the target groups and persons directly/indirectly involved in the activities, such as greater understanding of the current social situation and the impact and consequences of unemployment and the necessary methods that cause and can prevent / solve the psychological problem of depression.

Attached you will find the mandate that you must fill in if interested in the project.

We are positive in receiving a positive answer from you and looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind regards,

Eleni Pisoka                                                           

The Organization for Poverty Alleviation & Development.  

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14571 Norsborg.

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