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Bölgesel Gençlik Kampı - Kosova 2013

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13-20 September 2013: Regional Youth Peace Camp Kosovo 2013 Young people from 18 to 26 years old, from Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia, interested in human rights, democracy and intercultural dialogue; and involved in youth or community projects in their community are invited to join this event. The aim of the camp is to engage young people and youth organisations from neighbouring regions of Kosovo in dialogue and conflict transformation activities based on human rights education and intercultural learning and to provide them with a positive experience in living and learning together.

Travel expenses for participants not living in Kosovo will be reimbursed upon presentation of the relevant receipts, according to the rules of the Council of Europe. Board and lodging at the camp will be provided in venue outside the city of Pristina with the support of the EU Special Representative/EU office in Kosovo.

All candidates must apply on-line, completing the application form under this link:  http://youthapplications.coe.int/

Applications must be submitted by Wednesday 28 August 2013 10:00 am

Find out more: [ http://youthapplications.coe.int/content/download/100903/961652/file/Call%20for%20Applications-Youth%20Peace%20Camp-Kosovo.pdf ]Call for Applications-Youth Peace Camp-Kosovo.pdf