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Daphne III Programı Teklif Çağrısı

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As part of the Daphne III Programme (2007-2013), which aims at preventing and combating violence against children, young people and women and protecting victims and groups at risk, the European Commission has launched the call for Daphne III Action Grants 2013. Applicants must be legally constituted public or private organisations or institutions, such as non-governmental organisations, regional and local authorities at the relevant level, university departments and research centres. Proposals should complement the efforts of the EU in the area of violence against children, young people and women and should focus on one of the Daphne III priorities. A total budget of €11.4 million is available. Grants will be for a minimum of €75,000 for up to 80% of eligible project costs. Initially, projects should be for no more than two years.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 30 October 2013 (noon CET)

All details are available here: http://ec.europa.eu/justice/newsroom/files/call_2013_dap_ag_en.pdf