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29 November-6 December 2013: Euro-Arab Training Seminar Cooperation and Action for Democratic Youth Participation, Budapest (Hungary)

The training seminar organised by the Council of Europe’s youth sector aims to further develop and consolidate the competences of youth leaders and multipliers in democratic youth participation in their role as trainers, activists and project managers through youth projects and non-formal education with young people in the context of Euro-Arab and Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. Within the context of the Council of Europe campaign for human rights online, the No Hate Speech Movement, the training course will also place specific emphasis on role on combating Hate Speech in the context of Euro-Arab Euro-Mediterranean youth cooperation.
The course consists of three phases:
1. E-learning - getting ready for the course and developing a common knowledge basis (November 2013)
2. The residential training seminar (29 November – 6 December 2013)
3. Follow-up (January - July 2014)
The course is addressed to youth leaders active in organisations or youth groups working on education for Human Rights, and/or democratic participation through Youth work. Priority will be given to participants of the training courses for trainers for democratic youth participation held in Tunisia and Morocco in the framework of the cooperation between the League of Arab States and the Council of Europe and the South programme.
Participants should be between 18-35 years old, be resident in a member state of the Council of Europe or of the League of Arab States, be able to work in English or French and be available and fully committed to take part in the training seminar, including the preparatory and follow up phases.
Deadline to submit applications: 7 November 2013.
All details can be found on: http://youthapplications.coe.int/Application-forms