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We are writing you because this week we will start the selection of candidates in our organisation (SPAIN).

Please feel free to send the cv's  and motivation letters of your candidates for the projects below to start in November 2014 . For deadline 30th April.Will will accept cv's until the 7th April.

Please tell also your youngsters to send their cv's and motivation letters to the emails mentioned according to the project .Please indicate in the subject the name of your organisation.


Ref number

Main topic

Period of EVS



Library and children in the Civic Centre of Roquetes. Working with children and users of the library. 9 months 7th November 2014-7th August 2015 EVSroquetes@gmail.com


Charity organisation. Working with homeless people, women, nuns. 9 months 7th November 2014-7th August 2015 EVScaritas@gmail.com


(is not in the database anymore. Waiting for renewing the MI)

Young people and european awareness in rural area. Spread the values of Europea, youth information,work with children and young people (Evs, exchanges,etc). 9 months 7th November 2014-7th August 2015



Youth Information in Tortosa. Work with teenagers. 9 months 7th November 2014-7th August 2015


Important information: motivation and initiave will be valued, also the willing to learn new languages (Catalan and Spanish) and willing to live in a rural area (biggest city in 40.000 people). Please send candidates motivated about the volunteering philosphy (active, interested in the theme and willing to offer their positive energy!!!). Before coming they need to have experience in volunteering.