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Hello, we are looking for partners for EVS networking.

Below you have project description and additional question in the attachement.

Call for Programme Countries and Partner Countries (East Europe and Caucasus)

If you're interested write to me wojtek.frydrych@unescocentre.pl

Partnership Building Activity "European Voluntary Network" came up to our mind when we started our work with EVS programme. We started sending volunteers abroad where they found most comfortable project by themselves. Everything went fine, we gained some new contacts, we used the old ones we had. However after some time, when more and more people started to ask us about possibility to go abroad we realized that we lack firm and stable network of partners.  Since we are active in the youth field for ten years already, we want to achieve the same level of networking and trusted partners in EVS field.  The aim of the project "European Voluntary Network" is to connect organizations representing different cultures and regions (EU and Partner Countries), but sharing the same goal: improving their quality of volunteering projects. We want to gather 10 organizations (20 participants) who work in such topics as: youth leisure, youth information, active participation, european awareness, media/communication, intercultural learning, fighting stereotypes and development of rural areas.  Though, similar working area is only one criteria for inviting organizations to the networking event. What we also want to achieve is to share our experience and good practices. To meet this goal we want to mix organizations working with EVS for some years already with totally fresh participants of this volunteering programme. What is more, while inviting participating organizations, we will encourage those who are about to come to invite someone from befriended organization from their country managing with EVS. If we manage to do so, our network will expand even more. To reach our goals we will use different methods. Of course except from creative and out-of-the-box presentations of our organizations we will use mainly open space method. We have been working with this activitity for a long time already and we feel that this is the most effective way of idea-creating. Of course, when open space will bear fruit we will create working groups to finalize the outcome of discussions. As a result of the project we assume creating at least 2 EVS projects involving organizations taking part in this networking activity. What is more, we will create a group using social media or other ways of online communication in order to assure easy communication and a platform for finiding trustworthy partners in a very quick way. This will of course affect our effectiveness in meeting future volunteers expectations. The long term advantage is definitely building stable partner network which will hopefully expand and last at least until the end of Erasmus+ programme.


Wojciech Frydrych Centrum Inicjatyw UNESCO al. Wiśniowa 33 53-137 Wrocław www.unescocentre.pl