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12 ay Polonya'da AGH Şansı

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OPEN CALL FOR 12 month EVS!!! Venue: 3city, Poland. Dates: 05.05.2014 –04.05.2015. (12 months)

The activity last for 12 months and is situated within 3city and surroundings (3city=Trójmiasto - Gdynia, Sopot, Gdańsk) area. 

Working place is a center where children, youth (in age 6-13 and 13-19 year old) are coming after the school in order not to stay on the street doing nothing. Children are from difficult backgrounds, were families having problems with alcohol addiction, poverty, unemployment, often incapacity of life. 

Proposed EVS activities: - Help with homework of children/youth such as English language, math, geographic etc., - Follow the activities which are organized by the youth leader, - Propose own activities which can be organized with the youth leader such as cooking, art, sports activities etc., - Play games with children, -  National days of your country, - During summer/winter holidays join the camps with children/youth as a guardian and activities arranger We will be happy to see some new ideas and initiatives from EVS volunteers.

Please send your CVs and MLs on email kkostyszyn@caritas.pl till Tuesday 25th March 2014. For~more information please send an e-mail [ mailto:kkostyszyn@caritas.pl ]kkostyszyn@caritas.pl or call 0048 784 339 541