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Romanian organisation Name Casa Corpului Didactic “George Tofan” Suceava

Type of organisation Public institution

City Suceava

Address Aleea Nucului Nr.10

Telephone +40230523316

E-mail ccd@ccd-suceava.ro

Website www.ccd-suceava.ro

PIC number: 947801648

The characteristics of the organisation  Casa Corpului Didactic “George Tofan” Suceava is a regional educational authority that has the role of facilitator of lifelong learning in the area and teacher training centre. Its work is focused on in-service trainings for teachers in preuniversity schools (kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and high schools), other activities like symposiums and conferences. In our publishing centre we publish methodological leaflets, books and magazines in order to inform teachers regarding new experiences and concerns in education. The staff of the institution consists in methodologists, trainers, experts and ICT specialists.  The training programs concern pedagogical training of teachers as well as other fields of interest as intercultural issues, the use of ICT in learning and teaching, courses of English language for teachers. Some of the projects carried on by Casa Corpului Didactic focused on issues like supporting new teachers in preventing violence in schools and early school leaving. Courses: Courses of English language for teachers, Learning difficulties, ICT in teaching and learning, Training for new teachers.

Contact person 

Name/surname Zup Daniela  

Position Contact person  

Telephone 040230523316  

e-mail danazup@yahoo.com