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Project date September 1 October 2014 – July 14th 2015 Volunteers apply before FEBRUARY 24, but we may start the process earlier if we find the right candidate. Apply by email to: thomas.welin@molndal.se


Period: 1 October 2014 – July 14th 2015

Duration: 9,5 months

Volunteer profile: Volunteer should be 22-30 years old. We welcome young people with “fewer opportunities”, from all religions and sexual orientation.

Living arrangements: A shared house within travelling distance from the youth center which is situated close to Mölndal’s city center. By tram/bus 30-40 mins. The volunteers should be aware that the house is shared and they will need to manage this well. Financials: Volunteers get a monthly payment around 330€ per month (including pocket money) that should cover food and leisure activities. Accommodation, local transport, international travel, visa is covered by the Erasmus+ programme. Placements: 1 placement at Lindhaga youth center, City of Molndal Sweden. EI-number: Applicant is KEKS Eurodesk Mölndal (2010-SE-20) and the host organization is Lindhaga (2013-SE-21) Info for Sending organizations: 10 % of the international travel is to be paid by the SO.

Tasks of the volunteer: At Lindhaga youth centre you will be working to inspire young people 13-19 years old to create and take part in the youth centre activities. We are looking for a person who is open minded and who finds it easy to socialize with youngsters. It is of great importance to have social ability to motivate young people to engage themselves in different kinds of group activities and arrangements. You have to be outgoing and have an active approach towards youngsters. It is an advantage to have good English skills since it helps in contact with the teenagers. A strong sense of responsibility for the EVS-period is required.

We would like the volunteer to have an interest in sport, play and/or a cultural interest and to make activities with the youngsters in those possible areas. We also foresee that the volunteer can be active in different areas such as the school helping out with language lessons or start a language café at the youth center, help out in the library, the sports center Aktiviteten or other youth centers in Mölndal. For four weeks in the summer time the volunteer will work with out-door activities work at Djursjon summer day-camp with children and youngsters 8-16 years old. It will also be possible to cooperate with other volunteers in the City of Mölndal being hosted at the same time. The detailed EVS-plan will be put together in cooperation with the volunteer and the mentor. To be a volunteer means that you will be a natural part of the staff and will have the same role as the youth leaders. Working in the youth centre requires both day and evening shifts.