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About Eurodesk Turkey

Eurodesk is an information network that provides information to youth about study and European opportunities in Europe and about participation in European activities.

Eurodesk Information Network is working in all EU and other programme countries and it was established in Turkey in 2008 by Turkish National Agency.

Eurodesk Turkey's services could be categorized as:

  • Answering questions for free which asking by e-mails, phone calls, faxs and office visits
  • Giving advices and assistances for questioners
  • Providing access to European funds and grants through internet
  • Organizing trainings and arranging support services
  • Arranging conferences, seminars and other information activities
  • Publishing and distirbuting source materials about youth information
  • Extending information about Youth in Action programmes

Eurodesk Turkey Multipliers

Eurodesk Turkey Multipliers are accreditated by Ministry for EU Affairs Turkish National Agency for LLP& YiA programmes for providing information about European opportunities to youth and to people who works with youth.

It is possible to contact with either Eurodesk Turkey( eurodesktr@eurodesk.eu) or visit the nearest Eurodesk Turkey Multiplier in your city.

It will be a pleasure to give information about European opportunities and answer other questions for us...