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We have 2 free EVS places at Youth House Sliven. The volunteers who had to arrive here did not receive VISA and we are urgently seeking for 2 volunteers who will work with 2 more volunteers from Italy, who have already arrived for the project. You will work together here in Sliven in 2 local orphanage houses with young people who have mental and physical disabilities.

The project has already been started, but this should not bother you. The project will end on the 30th of May, 2014. You are welcome as soon as possible. Please use this wonderful opportunity. The city of Sliven is situated under the unique Blue Rocks Park of Mountain Stara Planina. Moreover, we are situated at only 100 km apart from the Black sea.

If you come to Sliven, you will have the opportunioty to get in touch and communicate with many other volunteers and spend marvellous time together.

Eurodesk Co-ordinator at Youth Hiouse Sliven - Anelia Ivanova.

You can write to me at anelis@abv.bg