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EVS Vacancy in Poland – Programme Countries


Name of organization: Stowarzyszenie Elblag Europa

Hosting EVS city: Elbląg, Poland

Deadline of receiving application: 08/09/2013

Start of the project: 01/03/2014

End of the project: 28/02/2015

Number of volunteers: 2



Current economical and demographical crises of civil society in remarkable way give weight to need
of developing young people. Despite the fact that nowadays European Union opens up more and more possibilities for youth it also throws down the gauntlet what effects in higher level of youngsters who
are giving up schools and jobs, who are also at risk of poverty, social exclusions, who decided on going abroad or decrease their social station. Youth engage in a public life (voluntary, social campaigns,
non-formal groups) unwillingly – just 13,9% of people under 25 (primary data: Klon/Jawor) where three fourth are women actively take part in a social work. There is many reasons such as: consumer life model, a lack of activities in schools regarding to civil society, shortage of authorities, low awareness
of creative and socially useful ways of spending free time. 

In Warmia and Mazury region there is only 120 NGO (7% of total). They are on different levels of development and professionalization. Many of their problems and needs came out on a regional youth conferences which took place in 2012 in the frame of "Small steps – huge progress" project and in research of 40 the most influential NGOs. The results from this research are:

-Maladjusted tools and channels of the distribution of information to youth 
-Low level of the awareness of the activities of the other organizations in a region
-Bad communication between organizations
-Difficulties in promoting their own activities
-Difficulties in encouraging youth to be active 
-Not interesting offer of NGOs
-Low skills in gaining local and European grants for their activities


Volunteer will work on some of these areas:

- photography
- water sports
- European lessons in schools and NGO's
- youth exchanges
- creating youth magazines 
- youth bands concerts 
- Youth Public Relations
- music, bands and recording songs
- multicultural evenings 
- learning their language or/and English
- youth projects area
- Vikings 
- youth media: TV and radio 
- bicycle trips 
- handmade things: decoupage
- fire-show, djembe, juggling 
- working with children and youth 
- working with local minorities 
- working with handicapped
- cooking projects

For more information: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=58001254095


Contact: evs@elblageuropa.pl