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Tel.: +386 (0)1 241 8100, Fax: +386 (0)1 241 8121, E-mail: zavod.zujlevec@guest.arnes.si Matična št.: 5050758, Davčna št.: 94338558, TRR: 01261-6030264379 www.zujl.si


EVS 2014: Invitation to participate


Dear friends,


We are looking for partners in our new


EVS project 'Inclusive Umbrella'.


Please find more info below:




EVS ‘Inclusive Umbrella’




The Special Education Centre Janez Levec – ZUJL (Ljubljana, Slovenia)



6th of June 2014 - 6th of June 2015 (12 months)




Ljubljana, Slovenia






*the project is also opened for volunteers with fewer opportunities.




Due to the population the volunteers will work with, basic knowledge of Slovenian/Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian/other Slavic languages is required.



 In general the volunteers will work with children and youngsters with special needs (mental disabilities, learning difficulties and behavioural problems) at our units, listed below.


The volunteers will also help with the organisation of the children, youngsters or adults’ after-school and holiday activities, and will accompany them at different trips, visits, camps etc.

In the summer period (mid July – mid August) the volunteers will be in charge of working with the guests of the youth house Janez Levec, program and administration wise.

Another very important part of the EVS volunteers’ task is also helping with preparation and organisation of our international events “Play with me” that take place throughout the year. Volunteers are an important part of the festival itself, bringing their own ideas into life and realizing them through numerous challenging activities.



Organisation, working with children and youngsters with special needs.


We are responsible for their education and schooling. ZUJL is the biggest organization of its kind in Slovenia, having the following units: The Labour and Employment Centre Janez Levec, Home for children with special needs, two special education elementary schools, The special education departments and The project group, all situated in Ljubljana.

Our organisation employs

special pedagogues, psyhologists, social workers, supporting staff and volunteers. All together we have over 400 children and youngsters and 150 employees.


More info

www.zujl.si/Uprava_Wiki/About%20us.aspx Tel.: +386 (0)1 241 8100, Fax: +386 (0)1 241 8121, E-mail: zavod.zujlevec@guest.arnes.si Matična št.: 5050758, Davčna št.: 94338558, TRR: 01261-6030264379 www.zujl.si




Another important part is

the project office which organises international projects with the aim to include our children and youngsters into the rest of the society by various internation projects which go under the name ‘Igraj se z mano’ / ‘Play with me’ (sports event, cultural events, art exhibitions, festival, experiential pegagogy events). All the events are inclusive in their nature.


More info



Our motto in working with young people


To ensure that all our pupils and young people are given the same opportunities for their personal and intellectual development and to enable them the highest possible degree of socialization and normalization within the wider community.


We would be very glad if you could help us find suitable candidates for our project.



All interested host organisations should send us the Part III forms (scanned) and the CV and Mot. Letters of their candidates to prostovoljstvo@igrajsezmano.si



We will apply for the 1. 10. 2013 deadline, which is why we would need your documents until the 13. 09. 2013 (Friday).




In case of further questions, please contact Tina Verbic, project assistant at prostovoljstvo@igrajsezmano.si


Looking forward to cooperating with you!


With kind regards,


Bostjan Kotnik


Head of the Project Office


The Special Education Centre Janez Levec,


Ljubljana, Slovenia