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Malta'da 1 Kasım - 31 Ocak arası AGH Şansı

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MALTA 1 KASIM 2013 - 31 OCAK 2014 3 AY EVS

 CV ve Motivasyon Mektubu iletişim: yapzonguldak@gmail.com

 Tasks for the volunteer:

 The first mostly required task to be completed will be working in the Nature Reserve, where volunteers will take care of the plants, learn how to prepare soil, how to cut the tree or collect the seeds, etc. Through the organizing the events for school and local community the second task for volunteers will be performed where Environmental education will be realized. The last task which volunteers will be assigned is conducted with administrative and office work, where research and other administrative work will be held in the aim to bring new innovative ideas to Eco Nature Park to be experimented.

 Trainings for the volunteer: please describe which National Agency/organization is responsible for the trainings  Pre-Departure Training, organized by Yap Zonguldak Association

 On-Arrival Training, organized by EUPA Malta  .  Mid-Term Meeting, organized by EUPA Malta

 Final Evaluation, organized by Centre for EU Education and Youth programmes, Turkey

 National Agencies of the Youth in Action Programme organize all relevant trainings in the Programme Countries for volunteers who, at the time of the activity are in the country (eg. Pre-departure and Final evaluation in the sending country, on-arrival and mid-term in the hosting country). To enroll the volunteer for such a the training we contact relevant National Agencies of the Youth in Action Programme.  For the trainings that shall take place in a Neighboring Partner Country in Eastern Europe and Caucasus we contact SALTO Eastern Europe & Caucasus RC - eeca@salto-youth.net and for the South East Europe we contact SALTO South East Europe RC see@salto-youth.net

 Practical arrangements for the volunteer: please describe the arrangements for the volunteer  Food:  Each volunteer will receive each day breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner with respect to religion and cultural background.

 Accommodation:  Each volunteer will be accommodated with other volunteers in the same place. Each volunteer will have his/her own bedroom with bed and all other facilities required to live in comfortable environment. The bathroom and toilets will be shared by all volunteers.

 The practical arrangements (working hours, days off per week, holidays):  Each volunteer will provide service in length 30 hours per week excluding the lunch break. Volunteers will be entitled to holidays and sick leave as per normal full time workers.

 Pocket money:  Each volunteer will be entitled to receive pocket money every week to buy food and other needed items.

 Local transport:  Each volunteer will be provided with monthly bus ticket.

 Language support:  Each volunteer will be attending the English course each Friday between 13 -16.00 in contracted English school in amount of 42 hours within EVS volunteering.

 Trainings and support:  Each volunteer will attend the training focused on computer, administrative, management and marketing skills. During the volunteering two different mentors will be assigned to ensure whole service runs smoothly, all expectations of volunters are fullfilled and any initiatives or ideas are added in activties or tasks. To avoid any of fails in operational management, the support to all volunteers will be provided 24/7. To ensure all needs are met with the support, daily evaluation will take place, where mentors will ask volunteers to give a feedback in order to find out whether any additional requirements need to be taken in consideration.

 Hosting organization is responsible for the volunteer’s insurance, all the parties are obliged to get acquainted with the insurance rules.